8 days
of exciting new experience
in the Southern Italy

Mysterious and charming Puglia with a native Italian
- World Heritage Sites
- The Italian Maldives
- Rural sceneries and organic food

Private villas and unique apartments. Short-term/ long-term rent or buy.
Vacation arrangement or private investment opportunities
Available for 2,3,4,5 and more guests. Fully equipped : everything is possible.
In case you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask
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8 days
of exciting new experience
in the Southern Italy

Mysterious and charming Puglia with a native Italian
- World Heritage Sites
- The Italian Maldives
- Rural sceneries
- Organic food from local farmers

Private villas and unique apartments. Rent or buy. Vacation arrangement or private investment opportunities.Available for any quantity of guests, fully equipped.
For any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask
Breath-taking Italy
We can guarantee it
If you feel like you want to:
  • be a welcomed guest, turning into a native Apulian for a week
  • to discover not only popular touristic sites but also secret sun-soaked paradise places, only known to true Apulians, living on the "heel" of the Italian "boot"
  • flavours and freshness of amazing meals, cooked by local chefs and the smell of the tastiest wine
… then our exclusive VIP tour to magnificent Puglia is just what you need!
Expect the unexpected
Time to treat yourself

Much needed silence and gentle sun light will wake us up in a masseria every of 8 mornings. We will walk along marvellous towns of Puglia and endlessly be in awe of centuries-old historical and architectural landmarks. We will admire picture perfect beaches with an endless coastline and unbelievable colour of the water. We will be amazed with incredible views on caves and grottos, sailing along them. Together with a local chef we will learn how to cook local dishes at a master class. An evening of ancient arts, handicrafts and traditions is also waiting for us. Dinners with live music at a terrace of our masseria – manor house. An evening of fun and traditional Apuglian dance Pizzica. A trip to JORCHE vinery with famous Apuglian wines tasting. A trip to an agricultural farm, where national cheese is being produced, with a treat of cheese tasting. And… small surprises and presents from tour organizers.
We will stay in the heart of the Italian South in an antic Masseria-manor house, built in XVI century between the sea and land, among centuries-old olive trees, vineyards and Mediterranean odours. Impressive cotton-white walls of the masseria, built on a small hill, keep the everlasting magic of the past, telling a story of these lands. The masseria estate covers the area of 100 hectares, where you have everything for a chilled rest: a swimming pool, numerous walking paths, a tennis court, a yoga site, an open terrace for dinners and entertaining evening programmes along with wi-fi, covering the entire estate.
Tour organizers
Alyona and Franco
Creators and organizers of the tours
My name is Alena. The inspiration to create a unique private tour came to me when I visited the native region of my husband Franco once again. I was astonished how he equally loves and cherishes all historical and architectural landmarks, enlisted in the World Heritage Sites list, and regular local people, resting next to their homes in the evenings. Franco would always take me to the most secret places of "his" Italy and treat me to simple authentic food, cooked from the freshest produce. His eyes were filled with joy when he saw how deeply I was falling in love with this incredible and marvellous land, Puglia, rural and simple, with open-hearted and merry people, not familiar with the high pace of city life and enjoying every minute of their lives. That is why we decided that this is Puglia we want to share with travellers, willing to become native Apuglians for a week, treating themselves to gastronomic temptations and living the Dolce Vita!
We made the dream comes true and for several years my husband Franco and I are organizers of individual and group tours to Puglia from April to December inclusive for tourists from different countries. Franco is a native Apulian, but has lived and worked for many years as a chef in restaurants in France, Switzerland, Belgium. We have 5 languages for two: English, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian.
Tour programme
Day 1. Buongiorno and welcome to Puglia!

We will meet you at Brindisi or Bari Airport, get acknowledged with all participants and together head to Antica Masseria in a comfortable minivan. It takes ~45 minutes to reach the site from Brindisi airport and ~1.5 from Bari airport. We have prepared a welcome drink, which is waiting for you in Masseria. Following accommodation and viewing of the territory we will enjoy a festive dinner with traditional dishes of Puglia, the taste of fresh produce from Salento region, grown at the Masseria fields. And of course we will raise glasses of Primitivo di Manduria and other wines, famous all over Italy, to celebrate the start of the tour!

Day 2. Ostuni - "White" city.
Martina Franca - elegant baroque town.

After a delicious and unhurried breakfast with a cup of full flavoured Italian coffee, we will head to Ostuni. This city known as the Città Bianca, or the "White City" due to its blindingly white stone buildings, white-washed houses, and cobblestone alleys. It seems that the city has hung above the ground, it is so white and airy.
Ostuni was nominated for the title "Italian Capital of Culture 2018".
The beauty of this corner of the Adriatic Sea and the hospitality of the people cannot be described. Ostuni is a bewitching tangle of narrow and winding streets, a series of courtyards, squares and lanes. There are many floors, ascents and descents, lanes and stairs, intricate streets crossing arches and squares.

From Ostuni we'll go to another small town full of charm, Martina Franca.
It seems that the ceremonial baroque decor in this city was put on ordinary residential buildings, and the streets remained medieval and very narrow. As a result, we got such a palace village, where freshly washed clothes are dried on the balconies between the busty stone statues, and cars are parked in the arches of the main entrances.
But at the same time, Martina Franca is a cultural center, not only of Puglia, but of the whole of Italy. Until 2020, the annual festivals of classical music and opera Valle d'Itria were held here.

Then we can go back to the masseria, where a delicious hot dinner and well-deserved rest will be waiting for us!

Day 3. Alberobello. Polignano a Mare.
The Abbey of San Vito.
As usual, our day will start with an Italian breakfast.
After the meal we will head to an incredible place, which is considered to be one of the World Heritage Sites, the town Alberobello. Unusual houses, trulli, made this place world famous, as it was recognized as a site of historical and humanitarian heritage of the mankind. There are around 1400 trulli and some of them are still residential, like all of them were 400 years ago. We will learn how these quaint trulli with cone-shaped roofs appeared, enter one of them and see how a trullo looks and feels from the inside. Also we will see trullo hotels, trullo restaurants and trullo cafes, where we will taste local Panini or Focaccia. Don't miss trillo stores, where you can get souvenirs to keep the memory of this incredible town.

From this fairy town we will head to coastal Polignano a Mare, where long promenades are harmoniously mixed with panoramic view sites. Blue sky and fifty shades of the sea, from azuline to royal blue, line with buildings, paved ways and cathedrals, built from white, ochre, brown and grey stones. Polignano is a very artistic, sometimes a bit floppy town but still very charming and eye-catching. We are going to enjoy the most impressive view on the town from the high bridge Ponte Borbonico on via San Vito.

In the evening, following a day full of new experiences and a delicious dinner, we will relax at a pool of our manor house, drinking tasty wine, having long talks and looking at pictures of the day.
Day 4. Lecce.

It is impossible to imagine Puglia without Lecce. The Florence of the South, the birthplace of baroque – these are the well-deserved names of this breath-taking city, which welcomes its guests with baroque magnificence, spilt on villas'portals and facades of numerous churches. We will find out what a Lecce stone is, visit Basilica di Santa Croce, the Cathedral square and will time travel to the very beginning of the XX century, being at the walls of the Lecce amphitheatre, which is a landmark of the Roman architecture, located on the Piazza Sant'Oronzo.

The midpoint of the adventure will be marked with a master class.
Orecchiette is one of the most traditional specialties from Puglia, but you may not know the trick to making this unique ear-shaped pasta. With this countryside cooking class, held by the chef of a cosy Masseria, who will teach us how to cook the famous orecchiette and other traditional dishes. You will learn how to cook the main Apuglian dishes and other Italian snacks, discover the proper way of mixing the ingredients, serve dishes and enjoy food the way Italians do! Later we will sit at a big table under the blue Apulian sky, listening to the birds singing and eat what we will have cooked, drinking fine bouquet of Salento wines.

Day 5. Majestic Gallipoli.
Paradise beaches of the Ionic Sea. Wine tasting at a local winery.

We will spend this day in one of the cosiest and picturesque places - Gallipoli. The name "Kale polis", meaning "a beautiful city" in Greek, speaks for itself: the beauty and queerness of the architecture, marvellous sceneries and blue surface of the sea are breath-taking. This seaside town is located at the Ionic coast of Salento. No wonder that Gianni Morandi spends his vacations in Lido Pizzo Gallipolo, a charming place close to nature and a bay with crystal clear water, white dunes and a green cape of Mediterranean shrubs.

The Belgian royal couple, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, chose this resort for celebration of 21st birthday of Princess Luisa Maria and invited more than two hundred of aristocrats from all over Europe.

We will be walking along the streets of this peaceful place and feel like we belong to royal families too.

After lunch we will go to the winery, sitting among its own vineyards. Winery employees will tell us the secrets of the industry and show the entire process of winemaking. Later we will taste the wine, which we will have learnt so much about.

Delicious wine will probably tempt our appetite, so later we will come back to our masseria to have a nice dinner and chats in a pleasant company and friendly atmosphere.
Day 6. Matera a cultural capital of year 2019.
A dancing show and Pizzica dance.

A wonderful morning with an Italian breakfast will give us a boost of positive vibes, and after drinking a cup of aromatic cappuccino, like true Italians do, we will travel to the most controversial city, which is located in the Basilicata region, to Matera. Sassi di Matera - cave city. Known for its cave dwellings, carved into the rock, inhabited since the Paleolithic. Once the "shame of Italy," this city has come a long way to be included into the World Heritage and to the right to be called the Capital of Culture 2019. Matera is the city, chosen by Mel Gibson for his film the Passion of the Christ shooting, the place where the latest Bond movie with agent 007 was made, starring Daniel Craig. Some scenes of the film "Without Blood", Angelina Jolie, as a director, filmed in Matera and Martina Franca in May 2022
We will come back to the estate a little bit earlier to get enough rest before a night of a passionate Southern Italian dance, Pizzica. To become a true Apuglian, you need to learn this exotic type of tarantella, the Pizzica dance.
Day 7. Taranto, a town of two seas.
Excursion and tasting cheese to a family bio farm.
Farewell dinner.

Taranto is the third biggest town in the southern Italy and the location of the major navy base of the country. We will walk along the main waterfront promenade named after Vittorio Emanuele III. We will learn which 2 seas are usually mentioned in talks about Taranto. We will hear a story of the most ancient and majestic landmark of Taranto and Italy, the Aragonese Castle, and see unusual swing bridge Ponte Girevole next to the castle walls.
The day will be continued with a visit to a family agricultural bio farm. You will see how famous and everyone's favourite Apuglian cheese Mozzarella is made. And you'll eat it still warm in taste. But also ricotta, caciocavallo, scamorza, pecorino. And of course, you will have a chance to buy some of them as souvenirs for your families and friends.
The farewell dinner we will feel as if we have known each other for many years. We will enjoy our culinary delights: typical home-cooked Salento food mixed with fantasy and inspiration of the chef. And we will raise a glass for new gatherings!
Day 8. Looking forward to a new meeting!
You will enjoy the last apulian breakfast, pack treats and souvenirs for family and friends and head to the airport.
My husband and I try our best to show you the region we know so well and love so deeply: charming, positive and unbelievably beautiful Puglia. We believe that now a part of your soul will stay here, making you come back to this welcoming region, full of unexplored wonders, again and again.

Before leaving we will all say: Bravo, Puglia! Ti amo!

*Please, note, the itinerary of the tour may change by days of a week depending on the weather or the schedule of entertainment evenings in Masseria. All information, published on this page, does not constitute а public offer and must be considered as advertising.

The price includes:
  • Transportation from/to an airport
  • Transportation on tour, via private comfortable minivan
  • Welcome drink
  • 7 nights in an Antique Masseria (paired accommodation in rooms with double or twin beds)
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 7 lunches in the different restaurants of traditional Apulian cuisine
  • More than 10 sightseeing tours, cultural experiences
  • Visit popular UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Daily bottle of water
  • Accompanying for a cafe / restaurant for a delicious lunch
  • Explore the various beaches of the Ionian and Adriatic coasts
  • Excursion to a vinery and tasting famous Apulian wines
  • Trip to an agricultural bio farm, excursion at a cheese manufacturing site with cheese tasting
  • Constant support, provided by the tour organizers
  • Daily bottle of water 0,5l
The price does not include:
  • Flight tickets from your city to Brindisi or Bari and backwards. We kindly ask you to contact us before purchasing any tickets.
  • Visa fee, if necessary.
  • Medical insurance (mandatory)
  • Dinners
  • Accomodation city tax
  • Personal expenditures
  • Tips for guides, waiters
from1790€/person - when booking a tour before
15 February

If you want to come for more days, we will draw up a program and calculate the cost according to your request.

We can host a group of up to 51 people, where each of our guests will also receive unforgettable emotions. All you have to do is submit an application and we will prepare the perfect program for you, taking into account the age and wishes of the group.

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